Progressing with Rainbow Dash – though there are some interruptions

One day delayed I finally managed to sew Rainbow Dash together. However she’s still pretty bold. It took me some time, until I had the legs on the right spot – in order to look good and for her to have all same length legs. It came to my attention, that I shall alternate the legs a bit. Since I didn’t crochet the back legs exactly the same but rather mirrored them, I’m going to crochet it the same way on Pinkie Pie then. I think When Pinkie Pie is done, my Pattern of them little Ponies is going to be fine for uploading.

Other than that I put the yarn for the planned table runner aside and started another project. The reason for ths was that my big one got a Pretty red coat from her grandma. Since we weren’t able to find any nice, matching hat I decided to crochet one for her. I got inspired by this hat from Luba Davies Craftsy Profile, which I follow for a while now. She also does have wonderful granny square motifs, so its definitely worth some browsing.

However, I’m going to alternate the hat somewhat. Since it’s still pretty cold I will be crocheting double crochet instead of V-Stitches. This also is why it took me 8 hours until now. Furthermore I don’t really like the Pansy flowers sewn onto it, so I’m going to substitute them with apple blossoms and leaves. This also matches better with her age in my opinion. I’m planning on having the hat ready for Easter-Sunday. So look forward to an update on it after the holidays.

Yours Edy ✿ (◕ ‿ ◕) ✿

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