Easter- / Springhat finished

Like I announced before Easter , I want  to show you the hat I crocheted for my daughter to match the  new coat of hers. (by C & A by the way) Tadaaaa…. :)

The blossoms are done like this. I also planned on attaching beads. However the did not arrive until now. :(

Other than that, there isn’t much left to say. Since I – a little delayed – got my studying books (1730+) I rather concentrated on planning and preparing for University. This is why Rainbow Dash still is bold, 6 of 8 coasters need to be done, and neither did I begin on the Table Runner… Well , I’ll get to it. ;) For those interested, here are Pics of my books and the plan I printed out for keeping track of studying.

The column on the left is being used for personal entries, while on the right I’m going to fill in the information and achievement concerning studying. In case of interest for the PDF, just leave a comment and I’d be glad to upload it for you. :)

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